And here is your bucket hat


Bucket hats are also called "ecuadorians" because according to one version they were invented there. In the 15th century Indians invented a special headwear that covered the head, ears and the neck of its owner from the scalding sun. When the Spanish conquistadors saw this object, they started to take the mickey out of it, but then they also wore it. 

From South America bucket hats were transported to North America and Europe. They did it through Isthmus of Panama, it is likely that the name of the hat comes from here. Inventors called it "sombrero de la paja toquilla" (do not try to repeat it on your own). 

According to some other facts, bucket hats were invented in Ireland. Fishermen put it on to protect their head and face from the sun and spindrift. 

In 1940s bucket hats became a part of war outfit of the Israeli soldiers who struggled under the desert sun as it protected their faces and neck, moreover hats were soft, so it was easy to put them in a pocket. 

This headwear appeared on TV screens in 1964. The main character of TV series "Gilligan"s Island" comes up in a white bucket hat and wears it for 3 seasons. 

The next who increased the popularity of bucket hats was Hunter Thompson.It became the part of his image like a permanent snapped cigarette holder tip with a fuming cigarette. This image was perfectly reproduced by Johnny Depp in a film version of a book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

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