Sleeveless Jacket


Soul warming and life-affirming jacket is for those who do not like to stay in the shade. For those who like to warm up by not only admiring glances of people passing by, but by some really warm clothes. For you we have created a huge dimensionless jacket, water-repellent, filled with modern "Siberia" insulant which established itself as one of the most high-quality heaters on the market today.

A little bit of information about our filler:

- Hydrophobicity: the insulant has water resistance .
- Reliable protection from the cold: thin insulation is warm:
- Unique Heat exchange system: the body breathes even under extreme stresses.
- Comfort and freedom of movement: Elastic fibers allow to produce clothing that does not restrict movement.

Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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