Kimono Imago Mini


We are women and we preserve in ourselves all the first principles of the world, 4 elements. And our kimono is a female personification, lightness and transparence, pureness and self-loyalty... We refer this kimono to the element of "air". When you put it on, it seems that the wind is sighing in your hair, and a faint tinct of favourite perfume is on your skin...It is a twilight kimono, for those beauties who like to spoil their men not only at night, but also in the morning with a cup of coffee and appetizing breakfaston the tray, for example, of bamboo. Coffee in bed in a transparent bathrobe with a naked body, in the dawn shafts after the night full of love...

Material: chiffon, polyester

Length 102 cm

Chest 156 cm

Shoulder length 24 cm

Sleeve length 48 cm

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Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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