Clutch minimal

Shoes, accessories

Fashionable and created for women by women. This thing is full of feminine energy and exposes your complexity... Its a complicated minimalism, disposal through simplicity, functionality is through a big number of layers and geometry. Love is through time and extension.

Absolute love.

Material: high-quality eco-leather

We do not use real leather and fur in our production due to ethic values. During the production of these clothes animals do not suffer and do not die. We love animals, that is why we do not eat or use them to produce clothes. It does not matter if it is a cat or a cow, we are against murder. We believe that animals themselves should wear their natural skin and fur. It is the main reason why we use eco-leather, eco-chamois and eco-fur of high quality which is not inferior than a natural one.  

Advantages of eco-leather:
− wonderful imitation of natural chamois with no defects incident to the natural one;
− micropores in the cover allow the material to «breath» - to leak air and vapour, but not to leak water. Moreover, eco-leather is much breathable than natural leather because the last one has been manufactured;
− good durability (attrition, tears and pinches);
− freezing resistance (but a little bit less than the natural leather has);
− tactual qualities: pleasant by touch — soft, warm and elastic;
− hypoallergenicity — this material doesnt lead to skin irritation (partially because it doesnt have the greenhouse effect) and doesnt have smell
− ecologically pure content

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