Jumpsuit - pijamas


An adult is the same child, only a bit higher and having access to more attractions... Do not forget about it.

• "unisex" models are designed for active people and good for a family pastime. The costume for adults is suitable for both mom and dad, the eldest daughter or a son about 160-185 cm. Small suit is for a little son or a daughter up to 90-110 cm. Products do not hinder movements. You can also roll up the jackets" and trousers’ sleeves.

* once one of our models Korean babe Nadya with ideal figure, long hair and mad charisma forgot her make up purse during a shooting. Of course, I took it home. And I said that she would take it away in the evening... When I went out to give the purse, I was really surprised: next to a huge black car my lovely babe was standing in pajamas with a unicorn... Such a contrast and delight: insanely sexy, and so homelike at the same time. This combination is created for self-confident girls, for those girls who don"t care what others think about them, for those girls who accept themselves and choose comfort. For those girls with whom you may go to a party on high-heel shoes and who nestle on the window sill with friends with a cup of something hot.


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