Everyone has had a situation when you need to put on something quickly without hesitations. Without thinking what kind of shoes will suit most of all, just to bounce out of the house? here it is)) our suit was made for such an occasion and for many other occasions too, actually. In this suit you can go even to the mountains, or at least to the sea. Comfortable, spacious, high-quality. With a wide, but unobtrusive infinite hood. With "crotch", and, of course with the pockets in the hoodie and the pants). I think these are all the factors that should be taken in account when selecting such a suit:

+ plus to the karma for a morning jog,

-minus several kilograms.

Size: onesize (42-46) 160-180 height, free up to 110-80-120

Material: thin top quality hoody knitwear

onesize (42-46) 160-180 height

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Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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