Hokage Suit

Winter collection 2018

It is impossible not to put this suit on!

Men like comfort,to feel warm, cozy and comfortable everywhere.

That is why the suit is warm with fleece, that is what practical people need.

And if you like to get out of the comfortable zone, it is difficult in the Hokage suit, it is also difficult to stay unnoticed.

Instead of tumid words have a look on the asymmetry on the bottom!

Instead of freezing and winded hands there are long sleeves with holes for bid fingers!


Chest 108 cm

Hips 108 cm

Right side length 80 cm

Left side length 114 cm

Shoulder width 15 cm

Sleeve lenght 55 cm+mitten


Length 125 cm (cuff 13 cm)

Hips circumference 108 cm

Waist circumference 84 cm 

Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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