Raka-Maka-Fo Suit

Winter collection 2018

This suit is distict not only in its severe, masculine style and warmth.

Raka-Maka-Fo was not examined during walking in one of the Moscow regions. 

It was brought on purpose to the Himalayas, became a real outfit and had unintentional real crash-test by means of rain, dirt, dust and cold!

The suit solidity does not allow the cold winter to find its way into the most secret places and if you are a lover of riding a bike, your movements will be full of freedom.

Chest 108 cm

Hips 108 cm

Length 79 cm+belt 14 cm

Sleeve length 72 cm (cuff 14 cm)

Trousers length 124 cm (cuff 14 cm)

Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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