Multilayer m

Winter collection 2018

It will serve you as a coat and even as a tent although I do not advice you to sleep outdoors while it is raining even if you desire it a lot. But you may put it on inspite of precipitations and this is it.

It is rather common that people do not think about escape from the rain until it starts. At this very moment this problem becomes a real headache. You have all been there!

And then we ask ourselves what to put on.

Your choice will certainly be a groundsheet and may be you will even look forward in order to the rain to put your coat again. But please do not look forward very often! Not everyone has such a coat.

Chest 120 cm

Hips 132 cm

Lenght from shoulders to corners 122 cm

Back/front length 95 cm

Band collar height 8 cm

Hood height 46 cm 

Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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