Suit Happiness

Winter collection 2018

Lots of girls are looking for the best dancing suit to feel comfortable and confident, and can not find it. We have found it - here it is. It will conceal the problems of figure and emphasize your strong points. The suit "Happiness" is for those girls who like to get satisfaction from the process, who do not just go from point A to point B. For girls who like to move and can do it, feel music with heart. It is a suit with low crotch and legwarmers. The suit that will light you from the inside, and even if do not know how to dance, you will probably want to learn. It is impossible to stay on the same place in this suit!

* Happiness to everyone. In our branded wrap, with a huge amount of positive energy.

Material: positive vibrations+light jersey of high quality

Chest 108 cm

Jacket length 50 cm

Sleeve length 70 cm

Trousers length 115 cm (cuff is 25 cm)


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Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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