Pencase Dress


It has the ideal cutout. Wonderful texture and the quality of the fabric that is breatheable and natural. Yes, this is linen! It makes your legs seem longer concealing the waistline and makes you thin and fragile like a reed. Light and soft-core, simple and stylish this dress may become a big love for those who appreciate the minimalism. Laconic leak-tight accessorize or massive bracelates of big pendants will suit this dress. This dress is a pearl of our collection. It is the best dress for such an amazing, always different girl who never compromises her integrity. It is an amazing dress for so graceful girl like You

Material: linen

Chest 98 cm

Hips 106 cm

Lenght 140 cm

Shoulder width 10 cm

Sleeve length 44 cm

Front venthole 55 cm

Collar height 3 cm

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