Cozy dress

Winter collection 2018

Why does a dressed woman look sexy than a naked woman? Men are always attracted by what is hidden. What is not available, and they want to conquer and to get it... they are interested in what they may see. Like a seni-naked shoulder attracts more interest than chest put on exhibit... More exactly, the chest will have a flash-like effect. But men appreciate what is hardscrabble... An apartament and a car that he earned without mortgages or gifted by parents. And of course a woman who was conquered with attentions, who was chosen by himself, and not a woman who rushed to embrace him. A dress with a naked shoulder is just a sweat-shirt dress... But it denudes the most important zone in a man"s heart - the zone of conqueror"s instinct...

The part that is hidden is the most sexy.

Material: sweat-shirt material of high quality with fleece

Hips 108 cm

Length 90 cm

Shoulder width 16 cm

Sleeve length 68 cm

Cuff 10 cm

Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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