Soul Dress

Winter collection 2018

There are different types of dresses: for business meetings they are official, for the office work they are strict, they may be short for night clubs, shiny or floor-length for special occasionsjersey for everyday life. Our dress is made of breatheable natural fabric produced by nature: linen... It is a very soulful dress...On one hand, it is rather simple, but with interesting cutout, spacious and informal. It has a right to create correct interesting silhouette and is ready to hide our "secrets". If your winter was long with nice conversations and herbal tea with sweets, and in simmer you still have several extra kilos. Or may be you will give life to a new person soon... and as a bump is not big enough, it seems that you have gained a little bit. Our dress will not reveal your secrets, and will become your magic wand for all the occasions. Cozy, comfortable with an amazing cutout of amazing fabric. The dress with a soul for soulful characters.

*necesssary and essential magic wand in your wardrobe

Material: linen

Chest 98 cm

Hips 116 cm

Length 114 cm

Sleeve length 38 cm

Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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