Down Jacket Imago

Winter collection 2018

Imago is a scientific name of the process of degeneracy from a mummy into a butterfly. We made up a new down jacket in a form of a convolute leaf: mummies of butterflies also live in something similar. It is the cue that winter will not last forever. And the stitching in the leaf form will remind you of warm summer days... And the coat itself will wrap you with warmth and will protect you from the wind. It has a modern filler "Siberia" that is light and perfect to protect you from cold. Furthermore, it is made of waterproof material and you will feel warm and dry between seasons... In spring you will take it off and will change into a wonderful butterfly!

* comfort, warmth and dryness

Breast 108 cm

Hips 152 cm

Front length 104 cm

Sleeve length 67

Arm circumference 40 cm

Hood height 46 cm

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