Here comes a shirt called "Good girl".

Do you want men at work treat you like a woman and not like a collegue? Open a door in front of you, help you to carry heavy bags, give flowers? Of course, you can do everything on your own and you may buy a bush of flowers that you like, but... Real men are those unicorns that are not many left. They appreciate women"s nature, and feel their magnitude, manhood, sense of purpose, when we signify consent with a nod. In the sign of gratitude we smile... A real woman is not only a vamp, who is gazed after, but a woman with whom a man feels the only irreplaceable. All around, first you judge how nice... That is why everyday is like a special occasion, in our cool dress with a disarming smile and establishment "I am the happiest" you get it. Girls, set your goals and be happy. One wise woman would add: "Do you promise?" Those who know this girl will understand how important dresses are for her.

We create universal in all sense and unique clothes. So we have decided to create a shirt in which you would like to relax with your friends after a working day and not to lose time on getting back home and changing clothes. Just to fresh your make-up, just to put on your favourite lipstick and go with your friends to drink a glass of something pleasant. And you will not have any problems to skip face-control in any decent night club. The Friday dress. The solution has been found. #dresslifehack

*blind lipstick of the cherry color fits perfectly this dress. Hairdo - high topknot with stick out earlock. You may also leave two forelocks in front.

*the most womanish and tender dress-shirt in our collection. It is a dress for "important negotiations" with men. It is the dress that laid the foundations of our collection of dress-shirts. 

Material: 100% cotton

Size: onesize 42-46

Chest 98 cm

Hips 108 cm

Sleeve length 36 cm

Length of the longest part 145 cm

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