Sexy Karlson

Winter collection 2018

Spacious and informal jumpsuit that says: "Put me on! Choose me! I will bring you playful humor today as yesterday". Simple but elegant cutout, convenient but sexy. We advice you to put on a crop top or a short T-shirt under it. Take your earphones and switch on "The Kooks - you do not love me". And then get ready for a meeting with your friends, near and dear in a good mood. While you are listening to music, we recommend you to draw short elegant eyeliners, to make something playful on the head. We will choose two topknots with forelocks in front. The best footwear are sneakers with platform or plain.

*funny comfortable jumpsuit for informal walk with close people who love you and accept you as such, who are ready that you may take the liberty to be as Karlson from time to time.

Material: light jersey of high quality

Length 145 cm

Cuff 5 cm

Drapery swing 150 cm

Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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