Winter collection 2018

Hey, guys! We have a suitable sweatshirt for you!

We know how important it is for our stylish people to feel warm.

Who says that it is impossible to be stylish and feel warm at the same time?

We made it possible, it is really cosmic. And the hood is the proof. 

If we speak in plain language, it is necessary to keep the head and the bottom warm.

Clothes may be simple, or may be cozy...It does not matter where you are or what the weather is like, you feel like at home.Our sweatshirt is very home-like. On top of that it is very warm, it is also rather spacious, that you may put on much more clothers under. So that heat-loving boys and girls may wear our sweatshirt in cold weather, especially during frosty winters... It is not only beautiful, it is extremely convenient (like a sweatshirt sleeping-bag).

Our sweatshirt is a life hack. It is essential for those who are fond of travelling hand-luggage without checking their luggage. Without waiting for ages in front of the baggage conveyor belt, just putting on as maximum as possible. Snowboarders (man and women) choose our sweatshirts. 

Sweatshirt-cocoon is style. It is for those who are not afraid of being odd. for people free of prejudice. It looks great with both 160 cm and 180 cm height.

-Hi, where are you?

-I am at home.

-Your home is everywhere. Which city? (it is about our sweatshirt-cocoon, in which you feel like at home)

Material: wearproof solid jersey of high quality with fleece

Size: onesize 40-52 (height 160-180 cm)

Chest 118

Hips 136

Front length 103

Back lenght 120

Shoulder width 14

Sleeve length 58+mitten

Hood height 67


Showroom in Moscow :

Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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