Fastening Hoody

Winter collection 2018

It is created for people who like big deep hood. This hoody is simple, spacious and does not mean anything, it does not have any underlying message. This hoody has nothing to tel us. It is convenient and cool, it has a zip fastener throughout the lenght of the edge that allows to hide for the outside world. Do you remember children hiding? They close the eyes and think that they are invisible... as we like saying "everything ideal is easy". For us ideal things are: 1. comfortable, 2. of high quality, 3. fashionable, 4. with an attitude, things in which you may self-actualize...

Material: high-quality jersey, back cloth

Breast 112 cm

Hips 128 cm

Front length 80 cm

Back length 104 cm

Shoulder length 19 cm

Sleeve length 60 cm+mitten

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Showroom in St.Petersburg :

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