Return policy

By clicking on the button "Order" (or similar, allowing to make a purchase) on the site, the buyer accepts the following terms of return and exchange of goods.

The buyer has the right to return, and the seller undertakes to accept the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase in case the goods do not meet the declared characteristics, do not fit the size, etc.

The date of purchase in the case of ordering goods with delivery outside Moscow is the date of receipt of the goods at the point of issue, or from the courier of the transport company.

Returned goods are accepted:

- completely preserved its marketable condition (there are all sewn / glued holograms, labels, stickers),

- was not in use (there should be no traces of use and / or inadequate storage (stains, tightening, damage to clothing design elements - zippers, seams, decorative elements, etc.).

In order to make a refund to the buyer, it is necessary to send a parcel containing the goods themselves, as well as a copy of the passport and a free return application written in the name of N.N. Kropocheva, with a detailed description of the reasons for the return, contact details (telephone, e-mail, etc.). ), As well as details for the payment of return.

The dispatch can be made by the transport company or by courier to the address: 117292, Russia, Moscow, Vavilova str, 65A, number 1211.

Sending is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

Within five working days from the receipt of the goods, manager will contact you to discuss the conditions for the return or replacement of the goods.

In case of payment for the goods by card, the refund is made to the card from which the payment was made within 10 working days.

In case of payment in another way, the funds are returned to the settlement account of the buyer at the specified Russian bank within twenty calendar days. Cash is not refunded.

The cost of delivery is not compensable, bacause it is a paid service of a third-party organization.

In case that within ten working days from the date of the decision of redelivery the manager was unable to get in touch with the buyer specified in the application for refunding the ways, the manager independently unilaterally decides on the return or replacement of the goods, as well as the ways of making a return or replacement and Such a decision is final.

The store guarantees that it sends the goods of the proper quality, corresponding to the description on the website placed at the time of placing the order by the buyer and is not responsible for the damage to the goods received during the shipment. With claims for the goods damaged during the delivery process, the buyer can apply to the organization delivering the goods.

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